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Thank you for signing up to the Keep Of Kalessin Fanclub and applying for our Cashback Card!

Here are some facts about the EP:


Recorded in Morningstar Studio in during the "Epistemology" recording sessions.

Produced by Arnt Obsidian Gronbech and mixed by Stamos Koliousis.


All 3 tracks were considered for the Epistemology album, however, even though we like the tracks, we decided that they didn't fit the atmosphere of the album. So now is a great time and place to release this to our most loyal fans!


If you want to read a more detailed description on how these songs came to be, you can do so over at Arnt Obsidian's Official Blog!


We hope you enjoy the EP and if you like it, we appreciate it if you spread the word by sending your friends to the signup page, not direct link to this download page.


Thank you so much and we hope you enjoy the EP!


Here is your link to download the free digital EP "Heaven of Sin".





1. Descendant - The Legacy of Kings

2. Typology

3. Heaven of Sin


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